Guan Gong ... The Invincible

A10055 Antique Bronze Finish

A10052 Jade Finish

A10054 Natural Bronze Finish

Guan Gong, also known as Guan Yu was born in Xiexian, China and grew to become one of the greatest generals during the Three Kingdoms Period. Legendary during his days, imposing, strong and majestic, his spirit is now captured in a superbly cast bronze figurine. He stands today as a symbol of loyalty, righteousness, military prowess and benevolence and is a reminder of all that is noble for the Chinese.

He is now revered as the God of Honour and Wealth, and the saying "Fortune Favours the Brave" lives on. Here, he is seen carrying his famed Dragon Halberd and is finished in either ornate jade, natural or antique bronze. Each masterpiece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. .

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